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  • What is NK cell activity test?
    • This in an in-vitro test that measures the amount of IFN-gamma secreted by NK Cells after activation in whole blood. It can help us verify the immune system’s ability to defend the body against viral-infections and cancerous cells.
  • What is NK cell?
    • NK cells are a component of the innate immune system which is produced in bone marrow and are a type of lymphocyte (a white blood cell). There are two important roles of NK cells, which are the immune surveillance of cancer and recognition of viral-infections. Therefore, NK cell can be an important indicator to maintain and protect your health.
  • Significance of test result?
    • This test is not for diagnosing cancer. This test measures the activity of NK cells, which is an indicator of how well our immune system functions.
  • What should I do, if my test result is low?
    • Get retested with NK Vue 2-4 weeks later (Remove factors that may affect the test) and further tests in accordance to physician’s investigation.
  • What is the relationship between immunity and health?
    • Immune system protects our body from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and external harmful substances. As a result, strong immunity should be supported in order for us to stay healthy.
  • Any restrictions before the test?
    • There are no restrictions before the test, and meals are also not restricted.
  • Causes for temporary low NK cell activity?
    • Acute stress or severe fatigue, sleep disorder, taking steroid based medicine, an immunosuppressant, and other drugs
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