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NK Vue 자료실 목록
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11 [NK Vue 논문] Comparison of Interferon-gamma Secretion by Stimulated NK Cells and T cells from Healthy… 자세히 보기
10 [NK Vue 논문] Physical Inactivity and Unhealthy Metabolic Status Are Associated with Decreased Natural… 자세히 보기
9 [NK Vue 논문] Association between natural killer cell activity and the risk of colorectal neoplasia 자세히 보기
8 [NK Vue 논문] Natural killer cell activity for IFN-gamma production as a supportive diagnostic marker … 자세히 보기
7 [NK Vue 논문] Association Between Natural Killer Cell Activity and Colorectal Cancer in High-Risk Subj… 자세히 보기
6 [NK Vue 논문] Association between Natural Killer Cell Activity and Prostate Cancer-pilot study_2017 자세히 보기
5 [NK Vue 논문] A high-throughput assay of NK cell activity in whole blood and its clinical application_… 자세히 보기
4 [NK Vue 논문] Reduction of the CD16-CD56bright NK Cell Subset Precedes NK Cell Dysfunction in Prostate… 자세히 보기
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